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A haven for purest of what nature has to offer

Wuya strives to make a positive difference in the lives of our very own people by all possible means.
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Concept of Wuya

Wuya is a Naturenomics store aimed at promoting natural lifestyle, drawing inspiration from Mother Nature as the source for all our essentials, thus every single product from Wuya is ordained to be fully natural and biodegradable back into where it came from, supporting ecological balance.

Wuya endeavours to build a self-sustaining eco-system for its artisans in creating an affordable luxury product positioned to cater niche markets,where we strive for quality, authenticity and uniqueness for those who believe in cause and appreciate natures’ offering.

Wuya will uphold its values and culture, a promise we are proud of to be fully handcrafted embodied with natural elements thus making Wuya a master piece to be earned

Little History of Wuya

Wuya is a heavenly spirit that showers happiness, prosperity, wealth and balances tribal life, a belief that still prevails in Mishing Tribe of Assam – India.

Interestingly, elsewhere for native Americans Wuya is also a name given to the most important of the Gods in-charge of Nature (Kachinas) considered to be a personification from heavens, to the Hopi tribe of native Americans everything that exists, including the rains, the rivers, the rocks has its own Kachina to look after its life-force. One such act of nature is their belief that humming bird taught them weaving in a return favour for quenching its thirst with sweetened water.

In ancient Indian language of Sanskrit “Wuya means Weave”.

Project Initiatives

Educating & Training

We impart training and education to the community so we can create a sustainable ecosystem, […]

Hands-on workshops

Wuya brings highly skilled tutors with immense knowledge in their field to conduct workshops […]

Motivation & Apprentice:

Wuya reinvests the knowledge and skill back into the system so every artisan can gain confidence […]

Recognition & Certification

We recognise the efforts they have put in and level of skills these artisans learn and reward […]

Purpose of Wuya

To collaborate, sponsor and encourage natural lifestyle mainly by promoting 100% naturally produced wear, with cloths and accessories made with natural elements.

While ensuring there is always a benefit for Artisans in the process to improvise on skills & knowledge.

We also create, design and define theme based solutions for a natural outlook.